Insurance Coverage

Dr. Hughes’ services are covered byfruit-124458-20131013

  • CIGNA Health Care
  • Medicare (only for medical nutrition therapy for diabetes and non-end-stage renal diseases)
  • NC State Health plan
  • Affordable Care Act plans

In addition, coverage is provided for Blue Cross Blue Shield participants in the following plans

  • Blue Care HMO
  • Blue Options PPO
  • Blue Advantage PPO
  • Federal BCBS
  • Many BCBS plans in other states

with the completion of the Healthy Lifestyles Questionnaire.

Most Insurance companies do not require a physician’s referral.

Whether or not your plan is listed above, for details of your coverage we encourage you to call the claims number for your plan and ask them

  • How many visits are covered? over what period?
  • What is the co-pay?
  • Have you met your deductible?
  • Ask for a reference number to document the conversation.

For more details on costs and payment policies, see the New Patient Information Form.