How a dietitian/nutritionist can help you

The way you approach food and nutrition affects your overall health and well-being. Professional guidance can help with treatment and prevention of many chronic conditions as well as enhance overall wellness.

grains181656-20131013If any of the following describe you, a Registered/Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist can help:

  • are overweight or have difficulty maintaining your weight
  • want to eat right to look & feel your best
  • are pregnant and desire proper nutrition for you and your unborn child
  • want to eat to enhance athletic performance and endurance
  • want straight answers based on solid nutrition research
  • want to develop a lifestyle that will PREVENT development of chronic diseases
  • have cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or osteoporosis that require nutrition therapies
  • need low fat, low cost nutritious meal plans
  • manage a vegetarian diet
  • seek answers to environmental nutrition issues

Medical/Nutrition therapy is appropriate for these specific conditions.

Services are often covered by health insurance plans. Learn more about coverage.